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FestiGuide is the essential app for the festival season. All you need to remember is your charger!

The team at Lollipop Media are avid festival goers, but we found all we wanted was an app to tell us the line-up and chat to others at the festival. Over the course of a weekend we set about designing and building a simple app which we would use ourselves.

Once it was shared amongst a few friends, we knew we had a hit!
Simultaneously launching on Android and iOS, nearly 90,000 people used the app in the first year and we got some great reviews.

In our second year, we started from the ground up, iterating on the success from the previous year and using the feedback to direct our focus. We added a raft of new features to make FestiGuide the only app you need for a festival.

If you've been to a festival in the last year, you've probably used FestiGuide. , We’re really proud of the project so we’d invite you to download and take a better look.

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