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School Events Pro

School Events Pro brings efficient events and booking management to schools

Lollipop Media were approach by a group of schools to assist with making parents' evenings more efficient by adding technology.
The key problem was that sorting and scheduling appointments took too long, and often left some parents with inconvenient times.

The existing system the schools were using was very manual, it involved significant organising and printing to ensure appointments were allocated to all parents. We worked with the schools to trial an online booking proof of concept, this was then tested on a small proportion of the schools to assess the feasibility, uptake and success.

During the proof of concept, almost all eligble parents used the booking system, with 98% of parents saying they prefered the online booking system. We developed a more customisable system that could handle various types of events, such as trips and open days and rolled the system out to all classes in all the schools.

School Events Pro is used by various schools, take a look at our website for an overview of School Events Pro.

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