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TrainMate is the ultimate train travel companion, whether you are commuting every day, taking regular business trips or taking a well earned break.

Lollipop Media began our discovery phase by looking at the travel sector, specifically the train travel offerings to identify a gap in the market. We discovered that there were no high quality apps that allowed a personalised experience on regular routes. We then began surveying what features would be important to users who commute daily and quickly found that the existing products were way off the mark.

Now that we had validated the gap, we set about designing the best possible experience for TrainMate users, adding our secret sauce (features) and the best workflows for activating those features.

We always build in tolerance for iterations on designs and UX, so after a few cycles we set about looking at the tech stack for the development. We’ve been working with React Native since it was release and have benefitted from the huge time and development rewards inherited from the ability to develop both iOS and Android apps with very little bespoke code, so that was the obvious route for TrainMate.

We’re really proud of the project so we’d invite you to download and take a better look.